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Peter parker imagines you get hurt

Originally posted by peteschurro. Prompt: Based on this song. Peter sat in the leather arm chair with his phone resting on his chest. He looked up at the ceiling with a loud sigh. It was another day full of misery and frustration. Sure, he was happy enough working with Tony Stark, but his dream was to be with you.

He had always dreamt of one day living with you, marrying you, and maybe even having kids one day. The two of you were always close. Neither of you had ever confessed your feelings for each other, but somehow, both of you knew how the other felt.

You always had a soft spot for Peter and he was madly in love with you. Yet there was a part of you who was so scared to admit that you had feelings for him so instead, you buried them lower than you ever thought was possible. He always had the thought in his mind that you were going to be his wife one day.

He practically saw you as his girlfriend more than he saw you as his best friend. He hated looking at you as his friend when you were so much more than that to him.

Another sigh fell from his lips as he picked up his phone. Opening Twitter, he was greeted with the sight of you. He smiled, sadly, but the smile dropped when he saw the man standing next to you, kissing your head. Peter shook his head. Peter rolled his eyes at this stupid post.

He bought you wine and flowers. He bought you so much more than what this man did, but you never cared. He groaned, wondering where the hell things went so wrong.They could be dating or friends, but maybe end with a kiss.?

Originally posted by bubblyholland. You blushed as Peter quickly kissed your nose and said goodbye to you. The two of you had just started dating, though you had been best friends since middle schooland every time Peter kissed you, you still blushed.

peter parker imagines you get hurt

Your last class for the day had just ended and Peter was planning on doing some quick patrols as Spiderman before your date tonight. Once you started dating he had immediately told you who he was, as it was a big enough secret to keep from you when the two of you were just friends.

He was more focused on teasing you about being more than a minute late when you had specifically told him not to do so. Peter glanced down at his watch, it was almost He cursed himself for already wasting so much time, he should have been suspicious after five minutes. He knew how you felt about being punctual.

Once he hung up Peter began retracing your steps home from school. Peter thought. Peter quickly learned about the up and coming gang online; they had been constantly trying to prove they were the real deal with murders, bribes, robberies, arranged drug deals, and kidnappings. You had just regained consciousness after being knocked out for the second time.

You knew your head must be bleeding pretty bad because it felt pretty sticky when you felt it last and your head was throbbing. You knew you looked like an absolute mess, and you had been pushed down in the dirt more times than you could count. You knew Peter would come for you though; just hopefully before you lost consciousness again. This time not from another blow, but from loss of blood. He saw you in the corner, tied to a chair and looking like a ragdoll, blood slowly dripping to the floor, and he finally lost it.

A bullet grazed his shoulder yet he barely staggered, only feeling white hot anger coursing through his body.Anonymous Requested: Can you do one where the reader and Peter get in a fight because they got hurt in a fight against a villain or something. Cliche I know lmao. After a long day of school and studying, you and Peter were walking home together. You passed by the city bank, when someone knocked you down as they were running past you.

They had a giant bag and there were people running out of the bank, calling after him. You saw the person then fly into the sky with the bag and you knew exactly who it was. It was the Vulture.

You gave Peter a knowing glance and you two ran off to go fight the Vulture. You found he was Spiderman on accident when he helped you fight off a drunk man and his mask slipped off on accident. Ever since, you always made sure that he was safe before he went off and made sure he got home.

You were also his alibi whenever Aunt May asked where he was. Peter found The Vulture up on the rooftop so, you two went up there to find him. You were a little scared, but you knew Peter would save the day. The Vulture drops you and you start to fly off the side of the building. You prayed that Peter would grab the bag, but Peter grabbed you with his web and pulled you up. Peter webs the Vulture, leaving him trapped and grabs the bag. Peter and you fly across the city and you hold onto him for dear life.

He drops off the bag to the building, which turns out to be 1 million dollars worth of diamonds. Peter carries you home, since you were so winded and he kicks the door open, putting you on the couch.

He sits next to you and pulls you onto his chest, running his fingers through your hair. Neither of you knew what to say. You grabbed his arm and turned him around, with enough force that caused him to crash into you.Catching Elephant is a theme by Andy Taylor. Summary: After the Avengers caught you and Peter cuddling in your room, they try their hardest to get you two to confess your feelings.

However, you two seem to be fine without their help. Part One. Originally posted by tbhollandd. The next day, you were at the table eating your favorite cereal until Wanda and Natasha came over and sat next to you. What happened?

peter parker imagines you get hurt

Natasha nodded at Wanda and she showed me a picture on her phone. You stared with wide eyes at the picture of you and Peter cuddling. You blushed a bit and looked down at your cereal.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Clint showed Peter the picture Wanda sent him. You eye them suspiciously and they went to your closet to pick out a dress. You walk out of your room quickly and ran out. As you ran, you accidentally bump into someone. You blushed and looked at him. He blushed as well and you looked up at him. Peter was at shock at first but he placed his hands on your waist and kissed you back. You both continue to kiss until your phone buzzed in your pocket. You pulled away and you looked at your phone.

Since you were shorter than Peter, your hands barely showed from the ends. He smiled widely and you both start to head back to the tower.

Once you two got back to the tower, the team was waiting for you two and was in shock to see you two holding hands. He wrapped his arm around you and holding you protectively. You look up at him and smiled. Before you left, you kissed his cheek and ran upstairs. Fandom Imagines. Subscribe RSS. Part One Originally posted by tbhollandd The next day, you were at the table eating your favorite cereal until Wanda and Natasha came over and sat next to you.

You sat in your room, reading a book until Wanda and Natasha barge in. He helped you up and you nodded. Do you wanna get out of here? You blush furiously and smiled widely. Where are you and Peter? You held your hand out and he intertwined his hand into yours.Peter Parker was one of the clumsiest people you knew. He was somehow always falling down the stairs, burning himself on the stove, or walking into things. But recently, he regained his balance or something. And now, you were labelled as the clumsy one in the group.

Especially with Knock Things Over Ned, also being in the same friend group as you. He was sitting at his desk while you were reviewing your notes on the top bunk. Before you knew it, you had fallen asleep. You opened your eyes on impact.

peter parker imagines you get hurt

Peter turned around in his desk chair to see if you were alright. You rolled onto your back and attempted to push yourself up. Suddenly you felt a sharp pain shoot through your ribs.

You cried out in pain.

peter parker imagine

You sighed, but nodded approval. Peter sat down beside you and lightly lifted your shirt on your right side. You winced, even the feeling of your shirt brushing against your ribs hurt.

Peter rushed out of the room to grab May, they both came running back in where May slightly lifted your shirt to take a look. The rest was really a blur. You remember somehow getting down to the car, and you remember arriving at the hospital.

When you looked around the room, eyes barely open, you saw Peter and May sitting together, and when you turned your head, you saw your mom sitting on the other side of your bed. They had to perform a quick surgery on you.

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New rules though.Originally posted by huzursuzhayaller. More than her love for him, more than her adoration for him, more than the warmth in her soul and the flush in her cheeks when he gazed at her from across the room with his crooked smile and shy eyes.

It haunted her, held her down, let her be but just a shell of who she used to be. She got the news from Tony. A phone call in which his voice was shaking- he had barely been able to get the words out. It was as if she was detached. Not really. How could she? He was gone. How could she live with herself knowing he was gone?

In that moment, full of anguish and indescribable pain, her throat raw and her breath coming out in shallow, choking sobs, she wished she was gone instead. Reduced to dust, flying off in a breeze, a name on a memorial plaque. On the kitchen floor with her back against the cold floorboards.

peter parker imagines you get hurt

Watching the small watermark on the ceiling, feeling nothing but everything at once. Eyes empty to match the hole in her chest. It may have been all night, may have even been a full day. She only ate when absolutely necessary, only left her bed when her family visited to check on her.

On those days, she pretended. She liked to think of herself as strong. But here she was, a shell of a person, holding on to someone that was never coming back. She felt stupid, co-dependent. She could be without Peter. But that was before.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me.

Peter still blames himself for Uncle Ben's death. He's been wallowing in guilt and Tony only realizes once he eavesdrops on Peter at a cemetery.

Tony simply can't leave this alone and may have learned some things about himself as well as Peter during this. He was careful. He watched those YouTube videos about what to do if you lost a lot of blood.

He took notes in Health class. Just in case. Peter and Wade first meet as kids. Despite their two year age gap they end up in the same year at school and become inseparable best friends, devoted to one another. As their lives and their bodies change can their friendship survive their unruly biology? What happens as they get older and create their alter egos? Can Spidey and Deadpool really be friends Please pay attention to the tags as I will be adding more as this story continues. The 'underage' tag refers to ages 16 and The voice sounded young.

He peeked through an open window, and what he saw made him see red. OR Peter helps a young girl out of a horrible situation, one that reminds him too much of his past. Meanwhile, the other Avengers learn something about Peter that they didn't know before. Inthe battle for the universe has been won.

At a cost no one can forget, the fight is over—for all but one. Stephen Strange has an idea. An impossible idea spanning dimensions and timelines, life and death, and the lines of good and evil. But he's played impossible odds before—perhaps he never stopped. All that Loki wanted was to fight, one last time, for the fate of his universe.

So when he finds himself fighting for another, crashing into the past, he has a few intended words for the wizard that forced him there. But not before he finds a boy. Or, more accurately, before the boy finds him. Peter Parker had been waiting for the next mission. He just doesn't expect it to come from the future, armed with a ridiculous story demanding a ridiculous quest.

And he doesn't expect not to be able to tell Mr.



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